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Market Analysis

  • USD/ZAR Sell Opportunity

     USD/ZAR  /    2017-30-08 16:20:13

    USD/ZAR Looking Sell Opportunity   According to chart its not break resistance trend line and also make Bearsh candle at resistance...

    Gold Forms Daily Pin Bar Sell Signal

     GOLD  /    2017-20-08 15:40:10

    Hi my Fellows   Gold Forms Long Tailed Pin Bar on D1.  We will see sell opportunity on lower time frames as i also menation complete setup on chart   Looking to to short next week. ...

    EURCAD Looking short opportunity

     EURCAD  /    2017-08-16 11:12:05

    Eurcad now running onsolduion on 61.8 fabo level on Daily chart.   I am looking downtrend after break short term support.   My Fellow can inter sell trade...

    Gold aggressive short opportunity

     GOLD  /    2017-08-09 11:42:10

    Hi my Fellows, we have a aggressive short opportunity on Gold according to my analyses.  Today is the best day to sell watch my chart for take profit...

    USD/JPY Buy setup on D1 Time Frame

     USD/JPY  /    2017-08-06 15:50:10

    USD/JPY looking buy on Daily chart.   According to chart its not break support trend line and also make bulish candle at support on Friday after NFP data relea...

    GBP/CAD Buy setup on H4 Time Frame

      GBP/CAD  /    2017-07-30 17:20:13

    GBP/CAD after fail to breakout support Zone. and now running consolidation i am looking to buy trade after confirm breakout on short term chanel resistance 1.6370. My Fellow start long journey...

    • GBP/JPY sell setup on H4 Time Frame

        GBP/JPY  /    2017-07-11 11:09:13

      GBP/JPY sell trend has been start after test on D1 resistance i am looking to trade for sell after confirm breakout support trendline on H4 frame. My Followers according to my chart can take sell trade after break...

      • NZD/USD sell setup on Daily Chart

          NZD/USD  /    2017-06-11 19:50:13

        I am looking strong break down in Nzdusd very soon. Watch price action under trend line on lower time frame for early entry. Price can break down before hitting the upper trend line...

        • GOLD on resistance level looking for sell

            GOLD  /    2017-05-08 15:05:10

          Gold is on resistance expected will be sell comming days we can sell after any good reverse candle apear stop loss will be last High. and target is menetion on chart. alternative saniero.....

          • NZD/JPY Buy setup on H4 Chart

              GOLD  /    2017-04-26 20:11:10

            I am looking strong Buy on NZD/JPY. My Fellow can join this setup .....

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